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Contributors: The Zen Man

Affiliation: Injustice Gang, The Society, possibly Club of Villains
Master Criminal
New Earth
Real Name: Unknown, possibly Jack
Species: Human

6' 0"
195 lbs
Stained green, formerly brown
Known Relatives:
Unnamed wife (deceased), unnamed baby (deceased)


The Joker

"They could put me in a helicopter and fly me up into the air and line up the bodies head to toe on the ground in delightful geometric patterns like an endless June Taylor dancers routine ó and it would never be enough. No, I donít keep count. But you do. And I love you for it."-The Joker, talking to Batman.

Little is known as to who The Joker is or where he came from. The most commonly accepted theory is that he was a comedian who quit his job at a chemical plant. Two criminals hired him to help them rob the chemical plant he used to work at, promising enough money so that he could support his wife and unborn baby. Soon before the robbery was to take place, the comedian received word that his wife and son had been killed in an electrical accident. The criminals pushed him into going through with the plan. During a battle between the police and Batman, he was thrown into a chemical vat and horribly disfigured. His skin was bleached white, his lips dyed hair and his hair stained green. The shock of this, combined with his involvement in a crime and his family dying, drove him to insanity. The Joker himself is not sure if this is how it happened, as he has told multiple stories about how he came to be. However, The Riddler has confirmed pieces of this story, as well as mentioning that The Joker's name was Jack. Soon after his 'one bad day'(a term he uses to describe how any person can go insane) The Joker began a reign of terror over Gotham City. As of now, The Joker has killed well over 2,000 people, and has never received the death penalty due to his alleged insanity.




The Joker has never shown any concrete personality, one day being a harmless clown and the next a sadistic murderer. It's been theorized that he reinvents himself each day to fit his needs. What is common is his signature laughter and twisted sense of humor(laughing when Commisioner Gordon shoots him in the knee, saying he 'gets the joke' because The Joker had paralyzed Barbara Gordon).



Being a normal human being, The Joker has no powers. He has shown an uncanny resilience to escape from death, surviving jolts in the electric chair or being stabbed near the heart. He also is aware of the multiverse, taking notice of shifts in reality when interviewed by Jimmy Olsen.



The Joker sometimes shows a genius level of intelligence when plotting his crimes, carefully constructing them days or weeks in advance. He has a large array of concealed killing tools, such as an acid-spewing flower on his shirt lapel, razor sharp playing cards, and a deadly joybuzzer. It is presumed that he built this weapons himself. He also makes frequent use of a deadly gas, that causes his victims to laugh uncontrollably before dying of suffocation, their faces turned deathly pale and their lips bright red.