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Time Lords
Time Traveler
Home Planet:
Also Known As:
The Oncoming Storm, John Smith, Sir Doctor of TARDIS
Gallifreyan (Time Lord)
Gender: Male
Known Relatives:
Susan Foreman (grand daughter),
Irving Braxiatel (brother. Presumably deceased)+



The Tenth Doctor



In saving Rose Tyler, the Doctor was heavily injured, and dieing. The Doctor then regenerated into this form. When he regenerated, Rose didn't believe this to be the Doctor. The Doctor convinces her by reminding her of what he said to her when they first met. She then believes him to be the Doctor. He then starts running around the TARDIS, and starts pulling random levers. She tells him to stop, he doesn't listen. He just rambles, and makes the TARDIS go faster and faster (he appears to be going insane). They start heading towards London, Christmas Eve.

The TARDIS appeared in London. The TARDIS actually crash landed (it hit many buildings and a few parked trucks on the way down). The Doctor stepped out to meet Mickey Smith and Jackie Tyler. He kept rambling and rambling to them both until finally saying "Merry Christmas!" and collapsing. When rose stepped out of the TARDIS, Rose confirmed him to be the Doctor - to which Jackie replied "Doctor who?"



The Tenth Doctor has the same powers as all Time Lords. The Doctor's brain can handle and understand more information then most other species. The Doctor also has two hearts. The Doctor's senses are also very high.

The Doctor can survive much high levels of radiation then a human could.

He has a much higher stamina then that of a human.

The Doctor can regenerate at will. When wounded and about to die, he will do this. Regeneration will change his body, and even his personality. Yet, he will still remember his past, and is still the same person. This is The Doctor's tenth regeneration.



The Doctor is one of the most intelligent beings in the universe. He is able to identify almost any species by a simple description, he even knows their home planet. He is intelligent enough to know even the genetic codes of beings, and how almost any type of machine works. He knows almost everything that has ever happened in history anywhere.






Doctor Who series 1 (season 27):

”The Parting of the Ways” (first appearance)

Doctor Who series 1/2 (season 27/28) mini episode: "Children in Need Special"

Doctor Who series 2 (season 28):

“The Christmas Invasion”
”New Earth”
”Tooth and Claw”
”School Reunion”
”The Girl in the Fireplace”
”Rise of the Cybermen”
”The Age of Steel”
”The Idiot's Lantern”
”The Impossible Planet”
”The Satan Pit”
”Love & Monsters”
”Fear Her”
”Army of Ghosts”

Doctor Who series 3 (season 29):

"The Runaway Bride"
“Smith and Jones”
”The Shakespeare Code”
”Daleks in Manhattan”
”Evolution of the Daleks”
”The Lazarus Experiment”
”Human Nature”
”The Family of Blood”
”The Sound of Drums”
”Last of the Time Lords”

Doctor Who series 3/4 (season 29/30) mini episode: "Time Crash"

Doctor Who series 4 (season 30):

"Voyage of the Damned"