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Contributors: Rabidd909, JediXMan

Affiliation: Four Housemen of Apocalypse (founder, leader). Formerly, Dark Riders (founder, leader), Alliance of Evil (leader)
616 (main universe)
Real Name:  
En Sabah Nur
Aliases: En Sabah Nur, Apocalypse, the First One

Possibly Human
Skin: Grey
Varies. Usually 7'
Varies. Usually 300 lbs
Known Relatives:
Baal (adoptive father, deceased), Stryfe (adopted son, deceased), Jonothan Starsmore aka Chamber (descendant), Clarice Ferguson aka Blink (descendant)




In the harsh, unforgiving desert of ancient Egypt, ruled by Rama-Tut, a band of nomadic raiders found an infant, gray-skinned and freakish in appearance, abandoned by the settlers of Akkaba. The nomads took the child in as one of their own, giving him the name En Sabah Nur, or ďThe First One,Ē and teaching him to be "strong" in order to survive the desert as a child. This idea, that "the strong will survive," would shape Apocalypse's actions throughout his lifetime.When En Sabah Nur was an adult, he and his nomadic clan were captured and forced into slave labor under the Grand Vizier Ozymandias. Apocalypse quickly became a rebel and was killed by agents of Ozymandias. He revived soon after due to his mutant powers, Believing himself "strong" and blessed, he soon discovered Rama Tutís technology underneath Egypt, and quickly destroyed all the Egyptian rulers around him and transformed Ozymandias into the twisted being he is today.

Apocalypse would go on use Rama Tutís technology to "regenerate" for long periods of time, becoming more and more powerful with each awakening. He was also known to have traveled around the world during these ancient years, appearing to various primitive cultures as their death god. At some point, Apocalypse came across an extremely advanced spaceship belonging to the planet-judging "Celestials". He became obsessed with discovering the secrets of this technology, he found the key when he happened upon a time-traveling Cable, then called, "The Traveler". The two fought with Apocalypse almost getting killed in the process. He escaped with his life but not before being infected by the techno-organic virus that ravaged Cables body. As irony would have it, this worked to his favor; the techno-organic virus did not weaken him, it greatly increased his power and allowed him to interface with the Celestial ship and he promptly claimed it as his own.

Apocalypse made several appearances through the ages, most notably in the 12th and 19th centuries. During the 12th century, he encountered Bennet du Paris, Apocalypse recognized him as a mutant and transformed him into "Exodus". In the 19th century England, Apocalypse met the scientist named "Nathaniel Essex" who's own scientific knowledge led him to predict the abundance of mutants in the future. Apocalypse earned the allegiance of Essex, turning him into the being known as "Mr. Sinister", but they were soon defeated by a time-lost Cyclops and Phoenix.

Time and time again Apocalypse has plagued the world, and the X-Men in particular, with his plans for world domination. He has formed several teams of sometimes willing but mostly unwilling candidates; "The Horsemen of Apocalypse", "The Dark Riders", and "The Alliance of Evil". Recently, he ended his own life upon learning that the Celestials were coming for him for using their technology without permission, the Celestials revived him and took him away to pass judgment on him. His current whereabouts are unknown.



Utterly Ruthless, Believes only those strong enough to survive deserve to live.



The full extent of Apocalypse's powers have never been revealed, especially to the extent they have been augmented by Celestial technology. However, he claims to have control of his body on the molecular level; allowing him to alter his shape, mass, and density at will, be completely immune to the affects of age, disease and sickness, hunger, thirst, and fatigue. He can also increase his strength to levels surpassing most, if not all Hulk-level beings, and he can transform into a variety of human disguises. He had exhibited energy absorption and projection abilities in the past and has been dubbed an "External" because of his natural ability of immortality. Apparently, Apocalypse must switch bodies regularly to survive and most of his replacement bodies must wear an exoskeleton body armor to contain his vast power and prevent it from consuming him. He can apparently switch/merge host bodies at will to continually revive his self-consuming body.



Mastery of alien technology, specifically in regards to genetics and biochemistry.



X-Factor #5 (First Appearance)