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Contributors: JediXMan

Heralds of Galactus (leader/founder)
Devourer of Worlds

Status: Neutral
616 (main universe)
Real Name: Galan
Species: Varies / N/A. Possibly human in former universe.

Unknown (possibly black)
Known Relatives:
Unknown Parents (deceased),
Eternity (figurative father), Infinity (figurative mother), Death (figurative sister), Oblivion (figurative brother)









Galactus is one of the strongest beings in the universe. He is possibly 3rd-4th in the universe (when fully fed).
Galactus has many powers. Galactus has great matter manipulation. He can change the structure of a person or object with ease. He can change any type of matter into any other type of matter. He can also create matter out of nothing. To such a level, to be able to create a planet and all its people out of nothing.

Has total control over his own molecular structure. He can change his size, and strength level to near infinite levels.

Can teleport himself and others across the universe (even entire galaxies). Can also create portals to anywhere, even other dimensions.

Has high telepathy. Also has high defenses against telepathy. With this, he also has high telekinesis (able to move near limitless sizes of beings/objects)

Because he is stronger then Death, he can undo her work (such as, bringing a soul back into a body, and bring the body back to life)

Can fire powerful bolts of cosmic energy. Levels of power vary, but the strength of them are near limitless. He can also create near unbreakable shields.

Can endow others with some of his cosmic power (like his Heralds)

Has Cosmic Awareness. This allows him to sense disturbances across great distances.

Galactus needs to feed often if he is to survive. He feeds on planets of high energy. When he is fully fed, he is at his strongest. He is able to drain a planet of its energy.

Galactus' appearance is not his true appearance. He will appear to look like the species of whoever looks at him. If 100 different species looked at Galactus at the same time, they would each view him as his/her species. Galactus' true form is unknown (however, it is possible Galan's species was close to Human)







Great knowledge of the universe. Intelligence is far beyond mortal understanding.