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Affiliation: None. Possibly X-Men
Neutral. Possibly good
616 (main universe)
Known Relatives:
Unnamed father (deceased), unnamed mother (deceased),
Nathan Summers aka Cable (adopted father), Hope Summers (adopted mother, deceased)

Hope Summers


Hope was born a year after the events of the Mutant Decimation and she is the first new mutant born since then. The moment she was spotted by Cerebra, Professor Xavier described her as "the rebirth of hope." Hope's psychic signature proved to be so powerful that it caused a minor explosion in the X-Mansion. Afterwards Xavier dispatched a squad of X-Men to the birthplace of the child in hopes of retrieving her, but the town had already been attacked by the mutant-hating army, known as the Purifiers, who had been warned by the future Sentinel Nimrod, of her birth. The Purifiers had been ordered to exterminate every single child in the town, which they did, but the anti-hero Cable had successfully saved Hope from the Purifiers.

Cable hurried to Texas in order to receive some mechanical components from Forge so that he could build a time machine, which he would use to transport both himself and the baby into a safer future. However, Cable encountered a wounded and unconscious Forge and, before he even realized it, Cable was attacked by a traitorous Bishop, who believed that the child would bring genocide to Earth. The moment he was about to kill the child, a group of Marauders led by Gambit ambushed Bishop and abducted the baby. After Cable recovered, he contacted Professor Xavier and revealed him that the child was supposed to be the “mutant messiah” who would save both the mutantkind and the humankind. He also mentioned the repercussions of the child’s death, which would lead to the annihilation of Earth. Charles managed to locate the child telepathically and he discovered that she was in Muir Island at the hands of the Mister Sinister, who intended to use her for purposes which are, as of yet, still unknown.

However, after Gambit handed over the baby to Sinister, it was revealed that Mystique was actually Sinister in disguise. The original Mister Sinister had been assassinated by Mystique, who wanted to use the child to heal Rogue, who had fallen into a deep coma after her experience with the Hecatomb. Destiny, Mystique’s…friend, had predicted that the baby would cure Rogue, if she made contact with her. Even though she already knew that the process might be lethal to the baby, Mystique made the child come in contact with Rogue’s skin, but Gambit, furious at Mystique’s egoistic act, seized the baby from Mystique claiming that Rogue would never want to harm a young innocent soul just to save herself. Much to Gambit’s surprise, however, the child had not only survived Rogue’s touch (which was able to instantly remove the life-force from people at that time due to the virus Strain 88), but it had also cured Rogue and erased all of the minds and powers she had absorbed throughout her life, including those of the Hecatomb. It also managed to cure Rogue of the Strain 88 virus. Afterwards, Gambit handed over the baby to Cable and Professor and, after the X-Men dealt with Bishop and the Marauders, Cable and the baby were both transported into the future.

Into the Future:

Upon jumping into the future, Cable and the baby found refuge in a secluded haven of N. Liberty, where Cable gets married to a resident there, named Hope. After his battles with Bishop, his time machine had been damaged, which limited Cable to the ability to travel only forward in time and, as a result of all these numerous time-travels, the child is now 7 years old. Meanwhile, N. Liberty is invaded by humanoid insects, the “U.S. Army”. Cable fended them off and leaves N. Liberty with his wife and the baby. After residing for months in a wasteland, the child and her family were attacked by the leader of those insects, whom she defeated by using all the experience she had gained from watching Cable fight. Next, Cable interrogates the leader and is informed that Bishop, in order to pin-point the baby in the future, had destroyed all of Earth’s continents, but N. America. Then, the family moves to a settlement, where the locals affront them with resistance. Cable manages to repel them, but Hope was shot and died in Cable’s arms. After, her mother’s burial, she and Cable arrive at a church and when the priest asks the name of the child, Cable decides to name her Hope, in honour of her dead adoptive mother.

For years, Cable and Hope lived with a group of human rebels who tried to destroy the insect army. Hope spent many years with them, and learned some things from the commanders from the base. Despite Cable's warnings, the rebels went through with their plans to destroy the insects with a bio weapon. Before the weapon was used, Cable and Hope traveled into the future. Cable's warnings were correct, and the humans, the insects, animals, and plant life on Earth was destroyed - leaving a barren waste land. They found a deer-like animal that Cable attempted to kill for food, but it turned out that the creature was robotic. Cable and Hope walked Earth for days, possibly weeks. They found nothing, and Cable's tablets showed that the rain water was toxic to drink. Cable took Hope over 1,000 years into the future, hoping Earth would heal over that time. But there was still nothing. To pass the time, and to keep Cable's mind short due to his lack of food and water, as well as to teach Hope, they played Chess when they weren't walking. After one jump, they appeared over a deep hole and fell in. Cable realized that it might be a trap for them, and tried to plan what to do next. But he finally succumbed to his hunger and dehydration, and he collapsed. Alone for the first time since Cable and she had gone into the future, Hope eventually climbed out of the hole in search for water. She faintly saw a shining object in the middle of the desert. She went to it, and discovered that it was the International Space Station, which had fallen from orbit. After getting open the hatch, she found that the men aboard had died of unknown causes. She uncovered their supplies, used one of Cable's pellets on the water, and brought it to Cable. The water rehydrated him and Cable refilled their supplies with that from the Space Station. They walked for days to Westchester New York. The old X-Mansion was in debris, but the sublevels were safe. They found supplies that Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, Cable's father, had left for them. It consisted of weapons and ammo, clothes, and other equipment. Hope used old clothes which had belonged to Kitty Pryde, aka Shadowcat of the X-Men. After that, Cable decided it was time for another jump, and they traveled to the future once again. There, Cable felt that a trap was left for him. He soon found a group of people living in the sublevel.

Not long after, they encountered X-Force, who had been sent to the future by Scott Summers to bring them back to the present. X-Force and Cable also found Deadpool, once friend of Cable, who had survived for all these thousands of years due to his immortality. They soon discovered that the world was under the control of Stryfe, evil clone of Cable, who used Apocalypse's, and soon encountered his minions.






Hope is possibly an Omega-level mutant. However, she has not shown what her powers are.

So far, Hope’s powers have not been established, but, seeing that she has managed to block Cerebra and the Stepford Cuckoos from locating her and that she survived Rogue’s touch without any harm, and, as a side-effect, cured her of all of the powers she has absorbed over the years, they must be nigh-omnipotent. As Hope has aged and grown, she has developed physical features similar to Jean Grey’s, like fire-crimson hair and green eyes and a close-up of the baby’s eyes show that she also has the Phoenix tattoo-emblem in them, so it can be speculated that her powers may be affiliated with the Phoenix Force.



Hope knows some survival training from Cable.



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