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Infinity Gauntlet




The Infinity Gauntlet gives the user nearly unlimited power, making them the most powerful being in existence except for the Living Tribunal, voice of the One Above All. However, the user only has power if they wear the gauntlet. Should their spiritual being leave the body, the body is then powerless and the gauntlet can be stolen.

The Gauntlet gains its power through the six Infinity Gems:

Space (Purple): Gives the user total mastery over Space, allowing them to travel anywhere with ease.

The Mind (Blue):
Gives the user total mastery over the Mind. This gives them immunity to mental attacks, as well as the ability to read and attack the minds of others.

The Soul (Green):
Gives the user total mastery over the Soul. This allows them to bring any being back to life. It also allows them to absorb the soul of another into themselves.

Reality (Yellow):
Gives the user total mastery over Reality. This allows them to bend and alter reality in any way they wish.

Time (Orange):
Gives the user total mastery over Time. This allows them to travel through time, alter time, slow time, stop time, etc.

Power (Red):
Gives the user ultimate Power. Giving them extreme strength, durability, and other abilities.

Each gem can be used alone, but must be together to form the Gauntlet.