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X-Men, X-Force. Formerly New X-Men, the Facility, Weapon X
X-Man, mutant. Former assassin
616 (main Universe)
Real Name: Laura Kinney
Laura X, Talon, Captain Universe
Human Mutant
5' 6"
147 lbs
Green, red (when using the Trigger Scent)
Known Relatives:
Sarah Kinney
(surrogate mother, deceased),
James Howlett aka Wolverine (genetic progenitor)
Debbie Kinney (aunt),
Megan Kinney (cousin), Daken (half-brother)

(Laura Kinney)




"Let her go" - Laura
"Or what little girl? You're gonna hurt me?" - Henessey
"Yes" - Laura

Laura tends to be somewhat shy, and quiet. Sometimes she will talk in full sentences, but tends to stay quiet (however, it should be noted that she listens well. So well, she can quote someone word for word)
She would also describe things in great detail when she did talk (mostly violent actions).
When she is upset about something, she tended to cut her arms with her own claws  X shapes.

Laura is also very protective over friends and family. When a friend or family was in danger, she would attack, or threaten to attack, with lethal force (even if they weren't in any real danger)




Laura shares the same abilities are Wolverine, but on a somewhat lower level. Her bones are stronger then normal, and has two bone claws in each hand and one in each foot. Her claws her laced with Adamantium. She also has heightened senses, to the point where she can smell a person's scent in order to track them, and see a great distance. She can also . The Facility, using chemicals and shock treatments to "program" her with a "trigger scent". When she smells the Trigger Scent, she goes into a berserker rage in which she'll kill anyone near her, mainly the person with the scent on them.

Has higher agility and stamina then a normal person. Her strength level is higher then the average person.

She also has a high healing rate. She is able to take great damage (such as when she was shot many times by multiple people). She can also survive having her neck snapped. She once cut her own hand off (because only her claws are Adamantium, and the rest bone, so she could cut them), but could reattach it mainly because of her powers (however, she cannot regrow a hand)



Skilled marksmen, she can snipe enemies at a long range and skilled in usage in many weapons. She is skilled in martial arts, and sword fighting techniques. She is also skilled in stealth, and assassin techniques. She is skilled in medicine, and poison. She also knows about forms of torture, and interrogation. 



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