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Contributors: JediXMan

Affiliation: Heralds of Galactus, The Defenders (formerly)
616 (main Universe)
Real Name: Norrin Radd
6' 4"
225 lbs
White/silver, blue as Norrin.
Known Relatives:
Jartran Radd (father, deceased),
Elmar Radd (mother, deceased), Fennan Radd (half-brother, deceased)


Silver Surfer




Silver Surfer viewed everything in life as precious and beautiful. He would often spend long times thinking. He would never kill when it wasn't needed, and would often hold back greatly in a fight (even against hated enemies)

During the events of Annihilation, Galactus altered him, so he would "do what needs to be done"  to win a fight. Silver Surfer would no longer hold back, but he would still not kill. 



When Norrin Radd became the Herald to Galactus, he was endowed with the Power Cosmic. This granted him many powers. His skin is made of energy, which grants him high durability (he is able to fly through a Sun without pain). He is also not effected by the cold of space, and doesn't need to breathe, eat, or drink (he doesn't need sleep either, but he likes to sleep so he can dream).

His board is made of the same energy that makes up his skin. He has total control over his board, and can summon it at will. He can reach near limitless speeds, exceeding the speed of light.

He can also change the molecular structure of objects and living beings. Using this ability, he can heal others and himself. He can turn a person into dust if he wanted (however, he rarely does this). With this power, he can feel a type of energy that is light years away.
With this, he can even change the structure of a whole planet for many effects. Such as, he can turn a barren planet into a plant filled planet (making the soil fertile, and changing the weather). He can also make a planet explode with this power. He can even evolve a planet.
He can also heighten his own strength, and change his size and mass (and others)

He can also fire bolts of Cosmic energy. Power level varies from light, to instant death.

He is also able to endow others with a little of his power.

It has also been shown he can slow/stop time (he cannot, however, "time travel"). He can also create portals to other places and even to other dimensions.

He also has limited telepathic powers (but very high defense against telepathy).

He is able to see through time, and see past and future events.