Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #0



Story Arc: Crossroads 1 of 1 (Prequel to issue #1)

Release date: March 1st 2006


Script: John Jackson Miller
Art: Brian Ching
Colors: Michael Atiyeh
Lettering: Michael Heisler
Cover Art: Brian Ching

Rating: Unknown




On the streets of Taris, two people have a meeting among the crowd. The first being a red robed man, on a hover chair. The second being a snout faced man named Marn Mierogryph. The two "businessmen" discuss their trade of weapons. Gryph discusses how the Mandalorian War has cut into his business, and thinks that, if the Mandalorians attack Taris, he's "helping" the people by supplying them with weapons. As they are about to make their trade, the red roped man grabs the Gryph's arm, and turned out to be an under cover Jedi, trying to catch Gryph. Gryph was shocked at first, but then, after he sees who this Jedi is, he calls him the "Junior Jedi", and tells him he wasted his day played another one of their games.

As the Jedi looks for the hand cuffs, his robe gets caught on the chair, and Gryph hits the boost botten, sending the Jedi off the platform, into the street below, as the Gryph waves to the Jedi goodbye. The Jedi cuts his tie to to the chair, and keeps falling. Then, someone grabs the Jedi out of the sky, and they both land on a building. The man who saved him calls him Zayne Carrick (Apparently, the Jedi's name) and tells him his master sent him to look after him, and to follow the trail of debris. Zayne thanks him for saving him, and asks his name. The Jedi says the others call him Squint.

Squint tells Zayne he's been hoping to recruit other Jedi to come with him to the War. Zayne tells him his master doesn't think the war with the Mandalorians if Jedi business. And that its the Jedi's business to defend against the Sith. Squint laughs, and tells Zayne the Sith threat ended 30 years ago, and the Mandalorians are here... almost, and they need as many able-bodied Jedi as they can get. Squint gives Zayne a ride on his Swoop bike through the city. Zayne says Squint has seen how able bodied he is, and hes not a Jedi yes, and his class has a challenge off-world (Maybe his last chance to become a Knight). Squint asks him "You dont like your odds?". Zayne says his luck ranges from barely tolerable, to cataclysmic.

They land near a Shuttle going off world, where Squint will join the front. Squint says he would have liked Zayne to have met his master, Zayne would have too. Squint says that they dont know each other that well, but he thinks Zayne will be a bigger player in this then he thinks, and to be ready for whatever happens. Squint says "Sometimes you have to enter the darkness, to save the light." Zayne says that doesn't sound very Jedi like. Squint replies it's not a very Jedi galaxy. Squint boards a shuttle, and the two part ways.

Not too far from the Shuttle port, a group of masters stand. One of the masters, a blindfolded woman named Q'anilia starts to faint. She is caught by another master named Lucien, and asks her whats wrong? She says lines have been crossed, that something bad is near. Several something's. Lucien says they'll change their plans, and this time, they'll do something about it.


Characters: Zayne Carrick (Jedi Padawan), Squint (Jedi Knight), Q'anilia (Jedi Master),
Lucien (Jedi Master, Master to Zayne), The Gryph, Admiral Karath (Mentioned only), Feln (Jedi Master),
Xamar (Jedi Master), Raana (Jedi Master)

Planets: Taris

Jedi Order, Jedi Council, Galactic Republic, Sith Empire (Mentioned only), Mandalorians (Mentioned only)

First Appearances: Alek aka Squint


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