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Affiliation: New Jedi Order, Galactic Alliance, Bounty Hunters' Guild,
New Galactic Empire (Fel's Faction),
New Galactic Empire (Darth Krayt's Faction), New Sith Order
Class: Jedi Padawan, Unofficial Jedi Knight, Bounty Hunter,
Sith Apprentice
Era: Legacy
Status: Medium. Touching on the Light and Dark
Masters: None. Formerly Wolf Sazen (Jedi Master),
K'Kruhk (Jedi Master),
Darth Talon (Sith Master)

Apprentices: None
Home Planet: Unknown. Possibly Ossus
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
Known Relatives: Shmi Skywalker (ancestor, deceased),
Anakin Skywalker (ancestor, deceased),

Padmé Amidala
(ancestor, deceased),
Luke Skywalker (ancestor, deceased),
Leia Organa Solo (ancestor, deceased),
Ben Skywalker (ancestor, deceased),
Kol Skywalker (father, deceased)
Morrigan Corde (mother)

Cade Skywalker








"No one dies for me." - Cade Skywalker

Cade feels responsible for his father's death. Therefore, he never allows anyone to die for him for any reason (doesn't have to be someone he likes, cares about, or even knows). When someone is killed protecting him, he takes it personally and tends to strike in anger.

Cade also tends to flirt with many women he comes across. Including enemies, even someone torturing him (in the case with Death Maladi). This sometimes gets on the nerves of fellow Bounty Hunter and close friend, Deliah Blue. However, these flirts almost never go anywhere, and are mostly him joking.

Cade tends to joke with friends and enemies alike (to the annoyance of some of his friends). He tends to joke during a fight, unless the battle is personal. He also tends to  joke about many Jedi and Sith failures (though sometimes he means what he says, but says it in a joking manner)




Cade Skywalker was very skilled in the ways of the Force. Like many of his ancestors before him, he was stronger then most Force users.

At the age of 14, his Master, Wolf Sazen, was struck down in combat. Cade used his special ability to bring his Master back. 7 years later, he did the same for Marasian Fel.

Cade can also use this power to exploit weaknesses in others. If a person has been hurt recently (such as a hit, cut, etc.), he can make the wound worse to the point where it can kill (no matter where on the body the wound is, or how bad the wound was). He is also able to purge himself of lethal toxins.

Cade can also use this ability to exploit weaknesses in items, as with when he poured the Force into the cracks of the Muur Talisman and shattered it. It's possible that he can only do this with Force sensitive items.





Skilled Lightsaber duelist. He was able to hold his own with a Sith Master after 7 years of little to no practice.








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