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Affiliation: Rebel Alliance (unofficial founder). Formerly Galactic Empire
Class: Jedi. Former Dark Jedi
Era: Rise of the Empire
Status: Light, formerly Dark. Died 2 BBY

Masters: None. Formerly Rahm Kota (unofficial Jedi Master), Darth Vader (Sith Master)
Home Planet: Kashyyyk
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Known Relatives: Kento Marek (father, deceased), Mallie Marek (mother, deceased)

Galen Marek


The Galactic Empire came to the planet of Kashyyyk to find a Jedi refuge being protected by the Wookiees. Darth Vader himself led the attack and easily cut down the Wookiees in his path. Vader found the Jedi (Kento Marek) in a hut being protected by a group of Wookiees. Vader killed the Wookiees and brought down the hut. Darth Vader and the Jedi fought, and eventually, Vader won. He then sensed a more powerful Force user nearby, assuming it to be the Jedi's master. After the Jedi would not reveal the location of his master, Vader was about to deliver the killing blow when his Lightsaber was snatched from his hand with the Force by a young Galen Marek - the Jedi's son. Vader killed the Jedi, and then confronted the child. When Imperial troops arrived, they saw the child and the commander ordered he be executed. Vader used the Force to take his Lightsaber back, and killed the Imperials.

Darth Vader would train Galen as his personal assassin. Galen went by the codename "Starkiller." He carried out many assassinations on Imperial officers and senators who became too rebellious. Always with the command "leave no witnesses," and was ordered to kill Imperials and non-Imperials alike who might have seen him, in order to hide him from Emperor Palpatine. He flew these missions aboard his ship the Rogue Shadow. He had had many pilots in the past, and all of them had been killed during the missions.

Galen had one friend throughout his life, PROXY. A holo droid who assisted in Galen's training. PROXY is also programmed to kill Galen if given the chance. He has failed every time, but continues to try.

Then, finally, Galen was given a Jedi to hunt: General Rahm Kota. Kota had attacked an Imperial TIE Factory above Nar Shaddaa with a group of his personal militia. He was given a new pilot: Captain Juno Eclipse, former leader of Black Squadron. She had equipped the Rogue Shadow with advanced scanning technology, capable of scanning a ship within a planetary system.

Kota planned to destroy the space station, but also wanted to draw Darth Vader out to defeat him. After battle with Kota's militia and Imperial personnel, Galen finds Kota in the station's command center. Kota was surprised, and somewhat insulted, that Vader sent "a boy" to defeat him. Galen eventually gained the upper hand in the duel, and the two got into a Saber lock. Kota told Galen that he didn't sense Vader in his future and, to his disbelief, sensed himself. While Kota was distracted by the vision he saw for Galen, he pushed Kota's Lightsaber down on him, making the blade hit Kota's eyes. Galen then used the Force to hurl Kota out of the space station and into Nar Shaddaa's upper atmosphere. Galen then took Kota's Lightsaber and was retrieved by Juno in the Rogue Shadow.

Galen returned Kota's Lightsaber to his master, Darth Vader, aboard the under-construction Super Star Destroyer Executer. He was then tasked with hunting another Jedi on the garbage planet, Raxus Prime.










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