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Affiliation: Sith, Sith Empire. Formerly, Jedi Order, Galactic Republic, Jedi Crusaders, The Revanchists
Class: Sith Lord. Formerly Jedi Knight, Jedi Guardian
Era: Old Republic

Dark. Formerly light
Masters: None. Formerly Zhar Lestin (Jedi Master), Revan (Sith Master)
Apprentices: None. Formerly Darth Bandon (Sith Apprentice), Bastila Shan (Sith Apprentice)
Home Planet:
Real Name: Alek Squinquargesium
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Eyes: Grey. Formerly blue
Hair: None. Formerly black
Known Relatives: Unknown

Darth Malak


Alek Squinquargesimus was a Human male who was born on the planet Quelli in a village called "Squinquargesimus". People on his world didn't have surnames, just the names of their villages; when he escaped Quelli, the immigration records listed his village's name as his last name. He was eventualy found to be Force-sensitive, and was taken to Jedi Academy on Dantooine to be trained in the Jedi ways. While there, Alek, who was nicknamed "Squint by his fellow Padawans due to his last name, met a fellow Padawan named Revan, who became his closest friend. The duo would make occassional trips to Coruscant to gain additional training from the Twi'lek Jedi Master Zhar Lestin. Alek and Revan were earnest to learn more than what their Masters were comfortale with, and both were accomplished at using the Force, however, Revan was stronger than Alek. Before the year 3,963 BBY, both Alek and Revan had earned the rank of Jedi Knight. When the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders first attacked the Republic, both Alek and Revan were eager to defend the Galactic Republic against the invading hordes, but the Jedi High Council preached patience, feeling the true threat hadn't yet emerged. Due to this, both Jedi felt that the Order was moving too slowly and was too cautious in its decisions Alek was, as always, ther first to join Revan's cause and other Jedi soon followed. These Jedi would be known as "The Revanchists", also nicknamed the "Jedi Crusaders". In the year 3,964 BBY these Jedi paricipated in a scouting mission along the Outer Rim, prior to the Mandalorians' invasion. Led by Revan, whom Alek called his honorary "Master", he and the Revanchists investigated the Mandalorian threat against the Jedi Council's wishes.

On their way to the Outer Rim, they stopped by the Jedi Academy on Taris hoping to recruit more Jedi. While there, Alek met a Jedi Padawan named Zayne Carrick, the student of the Jedi Master Lucien Draay, who was the son of the Jedi Covenant leader Krynda Draay. Carrick was attempting to capture a Snivvian black marketeer named Marn Hierogryph; his seven previous attempts had all failed. Carrick's latest attempt failed also, and Alek rescued the young Jedi as he was falling into the cityscape. The two Jedi then had an lengthy discussion, one of those topics discussed was the war. Not only did the Jedi Council disapprove of it, but the Carrick's Master Lucien Draay--as well as the other four Tarisian Jedi Masters--felt that the Jedi should be on guard against the Sith, and that they were the Jedi's business, not the Mandalorians. Reminding Carrick that the Sith threat was dealt with decades ago, Alek opined that sometimes, one must enter the darkness to save the light. He also laughed, saying that the Mandalorians could be at the Master's throats, but in order for them to notice, they'd have to paint their heads and babble about the dark side. Alek felt that while Carrick was less then a promising student, he would become a major player during the war. The Jedi Covenant, a secret Jedi organization of which Carrick's Master, Lucien Draay, and the other four Jedi Masters--all Jedi Consulars--believed that one of their Padawans would fall to the dark side. The Sage Masters envisioned a Sith Lord encased in red armor, wielding a Sith lightsaber, would be responsible for their deaths, and cause the downfall of the Jedi Order. They assumed that the red figure symbolized one of their Padawans, all of whon were wearing the same enviromental suits on the moon that the Masters had the vision. Wanting to prevent the apparent rise of the Sith, the Masters murdered them and framed Carrick, forcing him on the run from the Order, the Tarisian authorities, and the Republic.

After leaving Taris, Alek and his Jedi companions were left behind on the planet Suurja by Revan while he went to investigate events on Onderon and its moon, Dxun. Roughly a week after he encountered Carrick on Taris, he and the other Revanchists were captuted by the Mandalorians in an amush during the Fourth Battle of Suurja, and taken to an old Republic research station they had captured a few months prior called Flashpoint Station. There, Alek became the favorite "test subject" of a sadistic Mandalorian scientist named Demagol; he attempted to divine the source and nature of the Jedi's Force abilities. Weeks after he and his fellow Jedi were captured, an Arkanian female offshot named Jarael, who had helped Carrick elude the Jedi Masters on Taris, arrived on the station, having been captured by the Mandalorians. Alek immediately knew that they mistook her for a Jedi, and when Demagol came to take and perform experiments on her, Alek pleaded with Demagol to take him instead, insisting that he had to have some abilities that the butcher had yet to discover. After Alek was brought back to the holding area, Demagol wanted to immediately test Jarael, due to her unusual Arkanian features, but Zayne Carrick and the rest of the crew of the "Last Resort"--the starship that belonged to the Arkanian male offshoot named Gorman Vandrayk, nicknamed "Camper"--arrived to rescue Jarael. Carrick pretended to be captured by the rogue Mandalorian named Rohlan Dyre, and was taken by Demagol in her stead. When Demagol and Dyre emerged, they Carrick was dead. However, after the Mandalorians were tricked into evacuating the station by a false "Republic attack--masterminded by Carrick's ally, Marn Hierogryph--it was revealed that Demagol was actually Carrick. Before Alek and his fellow Revanchists left the station, Alek tried once again to convince Carrick to join them, however, Carrick declined, saying that he had something to finish. Alek bid farewell to Jarael, and took the unconscious Demagol to Coruscant to stand trial; however before they arrived, the mad scientist fell into a drug-induced coma, and couldn't be awakened. Doctors informed Alek that because of Demagol's mad experiments, his hair would never grow back completely.

The Jedi Council further urged patience and strictly forbade action as the war continued. As the Mandalorian atrocities continued to mount, Revan, known to the public as "The Revanchist" couldn't restrain himself any longer. He diobeyed the Jedi Council and joined the war, and, taking advantage of his reputation and growing popularity, convinced many other Jedi to join his cause. Alek was the first Jedi to join Revan, and traveled to worlds such as Dantooine to recruit more Jedi to his and Revan's rebellion, such as the human female who would eventually be known as the Jedi Exile. By the time they were done, he and Revan persuaded an extremely large portion of the Jedi to join them in their crusade against the Mandalorians. While on a mission to the world of Cathar, which had been devastated in the early skirmishes with the Mandalorians, Alek, Revan, and the Jedi accompanying them felt death in the Force as the Mandalorians unleashed a devastating nuclear attack on the planet of Serroco. Following the journey to Cathar, Alek was sent to the Omonoth system as a representative for Revan's faction of the Jedi, in a response to the invitation that Lord Arkoh Adasca, the leader of Adascorp, had extended to Revan. Before Alek's departure, several Jedi experienced visions regarding the possible importance of Adasca's "discovery", and the role it could play in the conflict. Alek was instructed by Revan to ensure the new danger was taken "out of the mix" When he arrived on the "Arkanian Legacy", Adasca's flagship, Alek was reuinited with Jarael and Rohlan Dyre, the rogue Mandalorian he had met on Flashpoint Station. During this time, Alek told Jarael that he didn't believe that Zayne Carrick could have done the crimes levied against him. When she attempted to make Alek see that Adasca was a madman, Adasca interrupted and restrained by Adasca. Later aboard the "Legacy", when Adasca's plan to use the exogorths--giant worm-like creatures--as destructive biological weapons, was revealed, Alek reacted with disgust, feeling that such a force was too powerful for any government to control. Adasca felt otherwise, and after his true intentions were revealed, Alek's disgust transformed into alarm and he lit his lightsaber as the final party to the negotiations announced his arrival via transmission. As Mandalore the Ultimate, the leader of the Mandalorians, entered the "Legacy", Alek leapt forward and ignited his lightsaber, in an attempt to kill Mandalore and end the war. Predicting the attack, Mandalore quickly struck him down with his newly-made battleaxe, knocking Alek off his feet. While Mandalore and Adasca discussed the exogorth deal, Alek tried to convince the Republic Admiral Saul Karath, who was also invited to the meeting by Adasca's servant, the Duro Eejee Vamm, to arrest them, but Karath wouldn't take that risk while they were outnumbered. When Adasca struck Jarael for talking in her wrist-comlink to Gorman Vandrayk--whom she knew as "Camper"--who had been involved in the exogorth project about forty years before, Alek ignited his lightsaber and pointed it at Adasca's throat, warning him not to hurt her again. He then deactivated the lightsaber, allowin the discussion to continue, expressing disbelief that Mandalore would offer Adasca a powerful position in the Mandalorian war effort in exchange for the device which controlled the exogorths, as well as Admiral Karath for offering Republic territory for the device.

When the Mandalorians boarded the "Courageous", Karath's command ship, after the devastating events of the Battle of Serroco, Zayne Carrick, along with Admiral Karath, Carth Onasi, and Dallan Morvis escaped on the Deadweight, Onasi's ship. After Karath received a transmission regarding Adasca's meeting from Vamm, Carrick eventually boarded the "Legacy" with Karath, Onasi, and Morvis. Carrick was immediately imprisoned with his former Master, Lucien Draay, who had been ordered by Haazen, a co-founder of the Jedi Covenant, to investigate Adasca, who was an old friend of Draay's. After Draay and Carrick destroyed the HK-24 units watching them, they met up with Onasi and Dyre and hatched a plan to put an end to Adasca's scheme. When Carrick, who was adorned in the spare Mandalorian armor that had been given to Dyre by Mandalore, started a diversion, Alek immediately knew what was going on, and participated in the ensuing battle. He, along with Carrick, Draay, Jarael, Onasi, Dyre, Morvis, and Karath, escaped the "Legacy"'s observation dome as the exogorths, now under Gorman Vandrayk's control, devoured the dome, killing Adasca. While Morvis, Karath, and Onasi escaped on the "Deadweight", the others searched for another ship since Alek's ship was taken by civilians. Alek was shocked that Draay denied them passage to get to Carrick; however, the starship of the Ithorian bounty hunters Dob and Del Moomo, the "Williwar" intervened just in the nick of time. Alek traveled with Carrick and the rest of the group to Taris to help the Resistance forces there, agaisnt the Mandalorians. When the "Wiliwaw" made it to Taris, the ship hassled by Mandalorians who had recently invaded the world. When Dyre managed to get them to fly away from the ship, Alek gave a signal to Carrick, who was donned in the same Mandalorian armor that he had acquired from Dyre back on the "Legacy"; with the aid of a jetpack, Carrick rocketed down to the cityscape below. After this, Alek and the rest of the crew flew off in the "Williwaw". Alek later engaged Jarael in a sparring match aboard the ship, with Dyre observing them. After she bested him, the match brought the two closer together, with him explaining to her that the Jedi had refrained from emotional relationships since the end of the Great Sith War, which had ended nearly thirty years before. He was interested in her romantically, but she was reluctant to enter into a relationship with him because she had not gotten over her abuse by Adasca. Unconvinced, Alek told her to ask herself if it was the timing or if it was just him she didn't want to have a relationship with.

Alek, along with Jarael, Dyre, and the rest of the "Williwaw"'s crew, eventually landed on the ice planet of Jebble to rescue Carrick and Marn Hierogryph, who had left the planet with the Jedi Knight and Shadow Celeste Morne, tp pursue a ancient Sith artifact called the "Muur Talisman". A base had been set up on Jebble for the Mandalorian troops, who were preparing to capture the peaceful and defenseless planet of Alderaan, but the rakghoul plague, a disease caused by the Muur Talisman, spread throughout the Mandalorian base, causing the Mandalorians and their recruits to turn into Rakghouls, or "Mando-Raks". While the "Williwaw" and its crew left Jebble, a Mandalorian fleet commanded by Cassus Fett arrived in the system. In order to stop the plague from further spreading, Carrick sent a message to Fett, warning him not to land his troops on the surface. Fett obliged, and bombarded the planet with nuclear arms when the "Williwaw" left the planet. Changed by the apparent death of Morne, who had seemingly died during Jebble's destruction, Carrick reminded Alek that he owed him a favor from Flashpoint Station, asking Alek, with the rest of the crew of the Williwaw, to aid him bringing an end to the Jedi Covenant. Before Alek and Carrick seperated once more, he told Carrick to bring proof of what the Covenant was doing to the Jedi Council. Soon after, Lucien Draay, Carrick's former Master, was appointed to the Jedi High Council on Coruscant. Before the other Council members in the chambers, Draay claimed that the path sought by his former associate, Revan, was wrong--wrong for the Republic and the Jedi. Draay's first motion as a Council member was to order the recall, and ,if necessary, the detention Revan and his Revanchists, including Alek, as well as any renegade Jedi. While serching for Sith artifacts in the Covenant's possession on the planet of Odryn, Carrick told Jarael that Alek, along with Shel Jelavan--whose brother, Shad, had been killed by the Covenant--went ahead to Coruscant for "his part of the plan". On Coruscant, Alek and Jelavan sent out a holotransmission to the Jedi Masters Vrook Lamar and Vandar Tokare; however, due to the arrest warrant for him and the Revanchists, Alek adorned blue tattoos on his head, and went under the guise of Captain "Malak". He and Jelavan then met up with Lamar and Tokare inside a cantina in Coruscant's underlevels to discuss evidence dealing with the Padawan Massacre of Taris. Following the end of their testimony, they and the Masters traveled to the rendezvous point to meet up with Carrick and Hierogryph. Despite Alek's assurances of clearing Carrick's name, Lamar stated that if they would tear the Order apart if they accused Krynda Draay, the founder of the Covenant, saying that they needed one of the Masters involved to confess. At that moment, the Khil Jedi Master Xamar, one of the Covenant's members, appeared with his lightsaber leveled at Carrick's and Hierogryph's throats. Xamar ultimately handed Carrick and Hierogryph over to the Jedi, and agreed to go before the Council. He testified before the Councilm, telling them everything he knew about the Covenant's illegal activities, and agreed to whatever fate the Council decreed him, with one caveat: that Krynda Draay be given full immunity if and when action was taken against the Covenant. After Alek testified on behalf of Carrick, he was sent by the Council to Revan and his Jedi with a final warning. Going under protest, he told Jarael that he would remain "Malak" until their was an end to the war's suffering.









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