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Contributors: JediXMan

Affiliation: Sith, Sith Triumvirate
Class: Sith Lord
Era: Old Republic
Status: Dark

Masters: Darth Traya
Apprentices: Visas Marr
Home Planet:
Real Name: Unknown
Species: Unknown
Gender: Male
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown

Darth Nihilus






Force Drain: Darth Nihilus requires vast amounts of life energy to feed his power. He is able to drain an entire planet and leave it a barren waste land.

Destructive Power: When Darth Nihilus came to feed on the planet Katarr (home to the Force Sensitive Miralukas) it was said by the sole survivor, Visas Marr, that he "Spoke, and everything died." He was able to destroy an entire race (as well as a group of Jedi Masters and Knights) and turn the planet into a barren waste land with a word.

Soul Transfer: Darth Nihilus was able to store his very soul within his armor (however this was mentioned once. It is unknown if this took place before or after his death)

Corruption: Being in Darth Nihilus' very presence caused people to be corrupted and become slaves to Nihilus. However, this took time and didn't happen instantly. He was also able to control (and possibly even mutate) animals.

Telekinesis: Darth Nihilus was able to not only lift a massive Starship, but also hold it together for many years during space travel. It is unknown if the engines worked or if the ship moved through his will alone.





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