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Contributors: JediXMan

Affiliation: Jedi Order, Galactic Republic, Jedi Crusaders, The Revanchists (Founder/Leader). Formerly Sith Empire
Class: Jedi Knight, Jedi General. Former Sith Lord
Era: Old Republic
Status: Light. Formerly Dark
Aliases: Revan, Revanchist, Darth Revan
Masters: None. Formerly Kreia (Jedi Master), Zhar Lestin (Jedi Master), Dorak (Jedi Master), Arren Kae (Jedi Master), Bastila Shan (temporary Jedi Master)
Darth Malak (Sith Apprentice)
Home Planet: Unknown
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown














Revan was one of the greatest strategists of his time, and possibly all time. He led the Republic to many victories during the Mandalorian War. Revan was also able to understand most languages in the galaxy. Including the hard to learn and complex Shyriiwook (Wookiee language), and droid language. He was also a skilled mechanic, able hack computers and repair droids.

He was also very skilled with a Lightsaber.

Also able to defeat veteran swoop racers. Revan became the Taris swoop racing champion, and became champion in many other races.



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