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Bando Gora (leader). Formerly Jedi Order, Galactic Republic
Dark Jedi. Formerly Jedi Padawan, Jedi Guardian 
Rise of the Empire
Dark. Formerly light
None. Formerly Dooku (Jedi Master)
Home Planet:
Yellow. Formerly blue
White. Formerly blonde
Known Relatives:



Komari Vosa


As an infant, Komari was brought to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. After years of training on Coruscant, she was given to Jedi Master Dooku and became his Padawan.

Vosa, along with her Master Dooku and many other Jedi, went to attack the Mandalorians on Galidraan
(because the Jedi Council was tricked into thinking the Mandalorians were attacking the people of Galidraan). Vosa was quick to fight the Mandalorians.
During the battle, Vosa showed great skill in defeating at least 20 Mandalorians (she also displayed great anger)

Because of her anger and aggression, she was not allowed to become a Jedi Knight. She went with 4 other Jedi to assist the people of Balitzaar against the Bando Gora cult. However, the Jedi were defeated by the Bando Gora. 2 Jedi were killed, and 3 others, including Vosa were believed to be dead. However, they were captured by the Bando Gora. Vosa was tortured by the Bando Gora (scars can be seen on her face and back). Vosa broke free, and killed the leader of the Bando Gora. Instead of escaping, she became the leader of the cult. In a ritual, she executed the other 2 Jedi captives.

Vosa would added chemicals to Death Sticks to slowly enslave the users, and would smuggle them through many underworld contacts (including corrupt politicians)

This caught the attention of Darth Sidious. Sidious tasked his new apprentice, Darth Tyranus, with destroying the Bando Gora. He was also tasked with finding a template for the Clone Army. To accomplish this, Tyranus would hire Bounty Hunters to find and kill Komari Vosa for 5,000,000 Republic Credits.

Jango Fett, one of the Bounty Hunters hired by Tyranus, went after many of the Bando Gora contacts. This hardly drew the attention of Vosa, since many Bounty Hunters have tried and died trying to find the Bando Gora.

However, Jango would soon get the attention of Vosa after Jango found out about Sebolto (Sebolto was head of the Death Stick factory that worked for the Bando Gora). So, Vosa sent some of her Bando Gora slaves to kill the Bounty Hunters.

After Gardulla the Hutt's death, the secret hide out was found by the Bounty Hunter Jango Fett.

Once Jango reached the Bando Gora world of Kohlma and fought thousands of Bando Gora slaves. However, ultimately, Jango Fett was defeated.

Jango Fett was captured by the Bando Gora. After hours of torture and interrogation by Vosa, Jango was released by fellow Bounty Hunter, Zam Wesell.

After fighting through the Castle, Jango would face Vosa in her throne room. After a long battle, Jango got the upper hand, and wounded her. The power of the Dark Side seemed to leave her in an explosion of light. She lay wounded on the steps of her throne room. She asked if she will kill her, or bring her alive. However, before he could choose, she was choked with the Force by Darth Tyranus, AKA Count Dooku, her old master, standing in the shadows.

About 10 years after her death, Count Dooku would give Vosa's twin red Lightsabers to the Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress, his new apprentice.




Even as a young Jedi, she was overconfident and headstrong. She was also very aggressive, and would attack with rage. After she became leader of the Bando Gora, she became very cold hearted and ruthless.



Vosa tended to rely on her Lightsaber talents more so then the use of Force Powers. However, she has been shown to use Force Jump, Force Speed, and some telepathy.



Vosa was skilled in the use of twin Lightsabers. She was more then a match for even Mandalorian Soldiers. She was able to defeat about 20 Mandalorians at the Battle of Galidraan. After she became leader of the Bando Gora, she became skilled at interrogation and torture.


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