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8.5 / 10 Mirror's Edge (PS3

"Running is great. But the story is too short."


Reviewed By: JediXMan

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This game has a kind of “big brother” feel to it. You play Faith, a female Runner. Runners are a group of people who deliver messages by foot, mostly for people who were wrongly sent to jail. At some point during the game, you’ll start a quest to uncover a conspiracy.

The gameplay is unique. But it has a nice flow. Running and jumping is fun every step of the way. There are a few puzzles, but most aren’t very difficult. The controls are basic, but let you do some pretty amazing feats.

The fact that you are in first-person mode throughout might seem wrong for a game like this. Yes, it felt weird when I first started. But I got use to it. Honestly, I couldn’t see this game in third-person. It just wouldn’t have the same feel.

Combat has been criticized somewhat. But this is not a fighting game. 70% of the game is spent running, jumping, and usually avoiding conflict. So to criticize the combat system in this type of game is just wrong. Probably anyone who buys this game would know what they’re getting, and it’s not a fighting game. The fact that it has one attack button, and one disarm button, should give a clue to anyone who’s played a fighting game that this is not a fighting game.

The story is interesting, and it even has a few twists. But it’s somewhat short. Longer than some games, but shorter than others. I feel it should have more levels, and chapters should be longer.

In a game like this, I expected to have a free roam feature. I want to be able to run throughout a city and do whatever I want. I’d also like the ability to make my own maps. Hopefully these things will either be downloadable, or will be in the next game.

Overall, this gets an 8.5 / 10 from me.



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