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Contributors: JediXMan

Affiliation: Inhumans (leader). Formerly Illuminati
King of the Inhumans, Inhuman
616 (main universe)
Real Name: Blackagar Boltagon ("Black Bolt")
Black Bolt

Inhuman (Human-Kree mutants)
6' 2"
210 lbs
Known Relatives: Agon (father, deceased), Rynda (mother, deceased), Maximus (brother),
Medusalith Amaquelin aka Medusa (wife and first cousin), Ahura (son),
Crystalia Amaquelin aka Crystal (sister-in-law, first cousin), Gorgon (first cousin), Karnak (first cousin), Triton (first cousin), Luna Maximoff (second cousin)

Black Bolt
(Blackagar Boltagon)



Skrull Invasion:

In the events following his brother, Maximus, taking the throne of the Inhumans, Black Bolt was captured by Skrull scientists while flying to Earth to meet with the Illuminati. He was replaced by a Skrull agent taking his form.

Unknown to everyone, including his wife, this was not the true Black Bolt. The Skrull was given an Infinity Gem by the Illuminati (it is unknown what happened to the Gem). This Skrull also fought the Hulk during his attack on the Illuminati and Earth. Not long after the incident with Hulk, the Skrull was discovered by the Illuminati.

Meanwhile, the real Black Bolt was held aboard a Skrull Battleship and tortured by scientists trying to learn the secret of his power. They intended on turning Black Bolt into a powerful weapon capable of destroying planets.

When the Skrull Invasion was in full force, many Inhumans turned out to be Skrull agents. Black Bolt's son, Ahura, was captured by a Skrull that had the form of Medusa (his mother), Emma Frost, and Jean Grey to give him a sense of comfort. Using Ahura, the Skrulls were able to force Black Bolt into doing whatever they wanted of him.

The Inhuman Royal Family stole a Skrull ship to search for Black Bolt. They enlisted the help of the Kree. The Kree's leader, Ronan the Accuser, offered his aid. The price for his aid was the marriage of Crystal, which Medusa agreed to (but Crystal did not).

Following missions to find Black Bolt, the Royal Family saved Black Bolt and Ahura. Once released, Black Bolt killed his torturer by whispering in his ear to turn him into dust.

Once returning to Attilan, Black Bolt decided he would share the throne with his brother and former enemy, Maximus. And stated that he did not want the Inhumans to play the victim anymore.






Black Bolt is considered the strongest Inhuman.

Black Bolt's voice has great destructive power. A mere whisper was able to bring down the Avengers, and cause some to lose hearing for a time. He's also able to turn a person to dust while making the smallest vocal sound in their ear. Because of this power, Black Bolt learned to never speaks or makes any vocal noises through years of training. Black Bolt and his wife, Medusa, have learned a type of non-vocal communication through blinking, nods, and other subtle gestures. Medusa acts as Black Bolt's voice when addressing the Inhumans as king.

Black Bolt's power is drawn from energy around him that is transferred to him through the fork-shaped object on his head. Through this he can project a blast of energy.

Black Bolt has great strength even compared to other Inhumans. He has an ability called "the master blow," which is a strong punch that has been used against people like the Hulk. He once punched a long, wide crack through solid ice during his meeting with the Sentry.

He can fly and travel through space.