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Galactic Alliance
Cal Omas, Cha Niathal
Jacen Solo
Neutral, non-active
Secret Police, Counter-Terrorism
Home Base:
Coruscant, Galactic Justice Center. The Anakin Solo





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Galactic Alliance Guard


In the early days of the second Galactic Civil War, not long after the mission to Centerpoint, Jacen Solo and Cha Niathal pushed for an Anti-Terrorism unit as a force separate from Coruscant Security and the Galactic Alliance military. This unit consisted of Galactic Alliance loyalists from the Coruscant Security Force, Special Ops, and Alliance Intelligence. The creation of GAG led to the resignation of Gilad Pellaeon from the position of. Jacen Solo was given the rank of Colonel and led this unit on many raids through Galactic City, and eventually the under city, in search of suspected Corellian Terrorists. Much of the public saw GAG as the Empire returning, due to the soldiers wearing black armor that reminded many people of Imperial Stormtroopers. But many citizens felt safe that GAG was there to protect them, and the public opinion of the Jedi was raised because of Jacen. But the Jedi Council did not like that Jacen Solo, a Jedi Knight, was seen on raids and knocking down doors.




Jacen Solo (Leader)
Ben Skywalker
Jori Lekauf
Lon Shevu
Tahiri Veila




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