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Affiliation: Galactic Alliance, Galactic Alliance Guard (leader), Sith. Formerly New Republic, New Jedi Order
Class: Sith Lord, Colonel. Former Jedi Knight, Jedi Guardian
Era: New Republic, New Jedi Order, Legacy
Status: Dark. Formerly Light.
Born: 9 ABY
41 ABY
Aliases: Darth Caedus

Masters: None. Formerly Lumiya (Sith Master), 
Koro Ziil (Baran Do Master), Tadar'Ro (Aing-Tii Master), Vergere (informal Sith Master), Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master)
Apprentices: Tahiri Velia (Sith Apprentice), Ben Skywalker (Jedi Apprentice), Nelani Dinn (informal apprentice)
Home Planet: Coruscant
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown. Yellow as Sith Lord
Hair: Brown
1.79 meters
Known Relatives: Han Solo (father), Leia Organa Solo (mother), Jaina Solo (sister),
Anakin Solo (brother, deceased), Allana (daughter), Thrackan Sal-Solo (cousin, deceased),
Shmi Skywalker (great grandmother, deceased), Anakin Skywalker (grandfather, deceased),
Padmé Amidala (grandmother, deceased), Luke Skywalker (uncle), Mara Jade Skywalker (aunt),
Ben Skywalker (cousin)


Jacen Solo
(Darth Caedus)








Jacen possessed many mysterious Force powers that only very few others have used.

Flow Walking: Jacen could use the Force to see past events through his own eyes and the eyes of others. He could feel the emotions and interact with the past. However, he could not alter the past. Just view it.

Mind-Wipe: Jacen could erase memories of events from a person's mind. He could also alter one's memory of events.

Force Concealment: Jacen could hide his presence in the Force with ease, even from Force users as strong as Luke Skywalker. He's also been able to use this ability to hide himself and others, such as Ben Skywalker and Lumiya.








Jacen was an excellent leader, as apparent by the loyalty he inspired in his men from the Galactic Alliance Guard.

Jacen was an excellent Lightsaber duelist, possibly best in that era second only to Luke Skywalker.